ISSUE 3/2013

/// 03
Fuchs, B.; Körner, C.
Dwell pressure induced compression of lost salt cores in high pressure die casting

High pressure die casting is limited in its geometry since a lost core technology as with sand or low pressure casting is not state-of-the art. Using lost cores made from sodium chloride may be a solution for high pressure die casting. High dwell pressures after filling of the cavity, however, leads to core deformation due to compression. Two different types of lost salt cores have been characterized and used in high pressure die casting experiments with variation of dwell pressure. For all cores it could be shown that the relative core compression increased with increasing dwell pressure. A strong dependency from the relative density of the used core system as a function of the measured dwell pressure was established and successfully described with the Heckel-equation. Tests have shown that the relative core compression decreases drastically with the increase of relative density. Furthermore a target value for the relative density can be determined to 91 % leading to no core compression in the observed dwell-pressure region.

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