ISSUE 4/2013

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Makino, H.; Tsuzuki, S.; Hirata, M.  Development of new molding process using aeration sand filling and practical use of green sand molding machine

The need to reduce the weight of automobiles has prompted the demands for near-net-shape iron castings. In order to produce a high quality mold to satisfy such demands, it is necessary to define a molding process which will optimize a green sand molding process and achieve a uniformly dense mold. Recently, a new molding process, which consists of low air pressure aeration sand filling and squeeze, has been developed. This new molding process can provide several advantages such as, good sand filling, high strength and uniform density mold making, energy saving, less wearing pattern plate. In this paper, the green sand molding process is studied and optimized with experiment and numerical simulation. This study provides some valuable information for green sand molding process and practical use of green sand mold machine with the aeration technology.

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