ISSUE 1/2014

/// 03
Röse, J.; Gebauer-Teichmann, A.; Scholtes, B. The effect of conventional mould spraying and micro-spraying on heat transfer and separating layer formation for high pressure die casting processes

The application of separating medium in the high pressure die casting process still has a major influence on the quality of the cast part, process stability and the service life of the mould, and therefore exerts an influence on the efficiency and economy of the entire process chain. Optimum use of the separating medium which is implemented is therefore desired. This results in the necessity of examining the relevant application techniques in terms of their significant characteristics within a broad range of parameters. Focus is placed on heat transfer and separating layer formation. Two different application techniques were investigated to do this. Firstly, conventional die spraying, characterised by the use of a highly-diluted separating medium and high mass flow and secondly micro-spraying, involving an undiluted, highly-concentrated separating medium which is applied in the millilitre range. Important key variables which can be used to optimise the use of separating materials were determined for both application techniques within a realistic parameter range for the die casting process.

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