ISSUE 2/2014

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Richter, U.; Voronin, E.; Miksche, R.; Tilch, W. Investigations to the behavior of hollow cores shown on a model example – part 2

The second part of the investigations to the comparison of hollow and full cores (first part: Gießereiforschung/International Foundry Research 66 (2014), [no. 1], pp. 8-14) made with molding material. The influence of casting variables on the resulting casting defect distortion of a steel profile is described. With two statistical experimental designs effects were identified. The objective criterion distortion is defined as the deviation of the real cast steel profile to the CAD file. Compared with full cores the use of hollow cores has significant influence on the objective criterion. The decrease of distortion in case of hollow cores was demonstrated. Casting variable such as mold material, dwell time to knock out, and shooting pressure have significantly less impact on the casting defect distortion.

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