ISSUE 3/2014

/// 01
Köpf, J.; Rübner, M.; Klassen, A.; Singer, R. F.; Körner, C.
Thermo-mechanical loads on piezo ceramic modules integrated in high pressure die castings 

Despite of the enormous thermal and mechanical loads it is possible to embed piezo ceramic modules into aluminum high pressure die castings without loss of their functionality. During solidification and cooling down to room temperature the differences of the thermal expansion coefficients between metal, ceramic and polymer lead to large strain differences which eventually result in residual stresses  and distortion. In this paper, a numerical model has been developed to understand the stress-strain-state within and in the neighborhood of embedded modules during cooling down. The model is able to reproduce experimental results including unexpected bulges at the surface of the casting where the module is situated. In addition, it predicts a gap between module and matrix which is confirmed by microsections.

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