ISSUE 2/2015

/// 04
Richter, U.; Miksche, R.; Röllig, M.; Maierhofer, C.; Eigenfeld, K. Porosity detection in high pressure die castings. Part 2 – Non-destructive characterization of pores in HPD castings using active thermography: numerical simulation and experimental validation

Ever larger high pressure die castings (HPDC) with ever thinner walls raise the issue of casting defects. Properties of components are often strongly influenced by inner porosity. In the case of high pressure die castings, shrinkage and gas porosity occur. Two possibilities of characterizing porosity – by microscopy and active thermography – are dealt with in two articles. In the previous article, the microscopic investigations are presented. In this article, first the feasibility of thermographic detection will be discussed based on simulations and, thereafter, the experimental determination of porosity with active thermography will be described.

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