ISSUE 3/2015

/// 01
Di Muoio, G. L; Tiedje, N. S. Evaporation rates of water based foundry coatings on furan bonded sands

Evaporation rates of water based foundry coatings are needed in order to estimate drying times and correctly dimension drying equipment used in foundries. In this study we measure and analyse the evaporation rates of a water based foundry coating applied to furan bonded sand moulds. An experimental setup is built to be able to dry the coated samples with air conditions similar to the ones used in full scale factory equipment. The effects of different coating layer thicknesses and air drying conditions are investigated. Weight variation and surface temperature of the sample are measured and used to calculate drying rates and other parameters needed to understand the drying behaviour. A model for calculating average evaporation rates is provided for use in drying equipment design. Characteristic drying curves are analysed and it is found that they are heavily affected by coating thickness, while drying conditions have only a minor effect.

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