ISSUE 3/2015

/// 02
Burbach, T.; Dessarzin, P.; Lagemann, J.; Wahlen, A.; Schneeberger, R. The optimization of casting simulation through the determination of temperature dependent heat transfer coefficients

In order to simulate casting as accurately as possible, the boundary conditions and material parameters of the casting system itself must be well known. In this paper, the influence of heat transfer coefficients between the casting and the mold on the results of a simulation is shown. In addition, a method to determine the heat transfer coefficient under specific casting conditions is presented. This method can be used to determine the heat transfer coefficient in permanent mold gravity casting in lab tests and in field tests using low-pressure die casting. These results can be entered into the simulation program MAGMA. The optimized simulation was validated with the help of lab tests using permanent mold gravity casting and with serial casts using low-pressure die casting.

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