ISSUE 3/2015

/// 03
Fehlbier, M.; Schlereth, D. Studies for the construction of structural lightweight components of magnesium for automotive castpart applications

This research study is representing the great potential of cast lightweight constructions for the automotive industry through the development of several hpdc magnesium seatback structures according to minimum weight respectively maximum mechanical properties. The starting point of this research study is the original steel backrest which has been reconstructed by using the CAD-program Catia V5. The original steel backrest and also the developed magnesium high-pressure-die-casting parts (hpdc) were virtually evaluated by using the finite element method according to UN/ECE regulations. Through single magnesium cast parts with increased stiffness and significantly reduced weight, the substitution of the existing 6-piece steel backrest was successfully demonstrated by using specially located ribs. The achieved results of this research study point out possible new ways to support the automotive industry’s effort to break the weight spiral and reduce CO2 emissions.

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