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Scholtes, B.; Gebauer-Teichmann, A.; Wüst, S. H. Optimisation of die casting dies Determining damage behaviour of high-quality hot forming tool steel via thermal and thermo-mechanical fatigue

The AUDI Group Ingolstadt, Germany, the tool manufacturing division of the Volkswagen Group in Braunschweig, Germany, and the casting division of the Volkswagen Group in Kassel, Germany, have developed a test tool for die casting. Besides the field tests, the reference material 1.2343 and five other new high-quality tool steels were to be tested in the laboratory at the Institute for Materials Engineering of the University of Kassel. The goal of the laboratory tests was to generate a realistic, multi-axis thermal shock induced solely by thermal means. At the same time, the material reaction was to be determined directly via thermo-mechanical experiments. In order to achieve this goal a newly developed thermal shock test rig has been put in operation besides the existing thermo-mechanical test rig. The tests on the test rigs allow for a systematic comparison of die materials for die casting. This paper focusses mainly on thermal shock tests. In addition, the results of the investigation allow for a better understanding of the mechanical processes in the materials related to the cyclical thermo-mechanical and thermal fatigue.

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