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Di Muoio, G. L.; Tiedje, N. S. When dry is dry? Process design rules, simulations and industrial cases on the drying of water based foundry coatings

Drying of foundry coatings is a relatively new process in the foundry industry that has come into use with the introduction of water as a solvent for mould coatings. In this paper we present an overview of the results of several tests and simulations carried out recently at Global Castings A/S, Copenhagen, Denmark, and at the Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark, on the drying of water based foundry coatings. In particular, we focus on the critical parameters and properties to be controlled in order to achieve a stable drying process. We propose for each of these parameters simple methods for testing both at laboratory and production scale so that material characterization and model validation can be carried out also for materials different from the ones considered in this study. Finally, we present the application of a simple calculation method and more advanced simulation tools, on real industrial cases. These tools have been developed in order to simulate the drying process and reduce design time and cost of expensive drying equipment.

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