ISSUE 2/2009

/// 03
Ralf Gerke-Cantow, Bestwig, Germany, Bruno Prinz, Giessen-Friedberg, Germany, Reinhard Döpp, Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany
Control of AlCu4Ti melts in investment casting

A prerequisite for the control of the hot tearing problem in investment casting of complex shaped castings made of the high strength alloy AlCu4TiMg(Ag) is effective grain refinement of the cast structure. According to the results of this analysis, the titanium content in the base alloy should be higher than 0.15 % and as grain refiner AlTi5B1 achieves the best results.
Control of the nucleation conditions of the melt is best done by chemical control of the melt. Here the calculation of the growth restriction factor GRF may be helpful.

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