ISSUE 3/2009

/// 02
Alexander Rudert, Rüdiger Schwarze, Werner Tilch and Jürgen Bast, Freiberg, Germany
Computational fluid dynamics of the core shooting process

The process of core shooting into core boxes with simple and complex shapes was examined. For this purpose, experiments and numerical simulations of the filling process were performed. The experiments were made with an industrial size core shooter. During the filling process, the movement of the core shooting material within the core box was observed and recorded with a high-speed camera. The numerical model was based on the fundamental equations of fluid mechanics, while the core shooting material was regarded as a viscoplastic liquid. Its apparent viscosity was determined in a Couette rheometer. The Volume of Fluid method was employed to resolve the free surface of the core shooting material in the core box. Filling times, final core shapes and filling velocities near the front and back panels of the core boxes were deduced from both the experiments and numerical simulations. The results were in satisfactory agreement with the measurements. Critical regions of the core box, in particular, which are not filled by the core shooting material in the experiments, were well predicted by the numerical model as well.

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