ISSUE 3/2009

/// 04
Christian Oberwinkler, Harald Leitner, Wilfried Eichlseder, Leoben, Austria
Estimation of the local porosity of aluminium high-pressure die casting components from casting simulation results using self-organising maps

Reliable computation of the fatigue lifetime of an aluminium high-pressure die casting (HPDC) component requires knowledge of the pore distribution in the material. In this study, the relationship between casting simulation parameters and the local porosity was investigated for an aluminium HPDC component. The piston velocity and the pressure after filling were varied during casting of test specimens to investigate their influence on the pore distribution. Data mining tools and statistical analysis revealed relationships between the process parameters, various simulation parameters and the pore distribution measured for the component. A basic model was derived from the observations to estimate the local porosity in aluminium HPDC components.

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