ISSUE 4/2009

/// 01
Schmitz, G. J.; Guntlin, R.; Drevermann, A.
From liquid to solid …

When in 1979 Peter R. Sahm started his career in academia by following a call to become full Professor and Head of the Foundry Institute at the RWTH Aachen University (Aachen, Germany), he had already successfully worked in industrial laboratories both in the United States and in Europe. His open mind and his interests were breaking new grounds off the beaten track in science while being strongly linked to industrial applications at the same time. Thus an internationally acknowledged work of a lifetime was established that is reflected in this article. Transfer of scientific knowledge into industry has always been a main focus of Peter R. Sahm. This has been his motivation to found a number of companies most of which still operate successfully in the world market in different fields today. The fact of ACCESS being one of “his” companies is giving a personal touch to this article: A review of 30 years of Peter R. Sahm’s work in science and technology based on best practice examples of actual developments at ACCESS e.V. (Aachen, Germany). The transition from “liquid to solid” is the key to any foundry engineer. Hence the title of this article.  

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