ISSUE 4/2009

/// 04
Grasser, M.;  Hao, J.; Ishmurzin, A.; Mayer, F.; Wu, M.; Ludwig, A.; Hofmann, U.; Riedle, J.
Macrosegregation prediction for ternary bronze alloys

The paper discusses simulation results for columnar solidification of ternary bronze in continuous casting of round blooms. The thermodynamics of the system Cu-Sn-P is included (i) by applying linearized phase diagram information and (ii) by applying splines to approximate the liquidus temperature and the solubility of Sn and P in the different solidifying solids. The volume-averaging solidification model considers two interpenetrating continua, i. e. the melt as the primary phase and columnar dendrites as the secondary phase. The formation of columnar dendrites is approximated by growing cylinders. After their formation at the mold/metal interface, they are considered to move continuously with the applied casting speed. Within the mushy zone we consider hydrodynamic interaction between melt and solid and local formation of microsegregation. A comparison of the simulated liquid and solid concentration with corresponding ternary Scheil calculations is given and discussed. The comparison of the simulation results with experimental measurements indicates similar tendencies for macrosegregation.

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