ISSUE 3/2010

/// 02
Bobzin, K.; Bagcivan, N.; Ewering, M.
Development of PVD coatings for application in zinc die casting

The production of optically flawless moulded parts as well as technical moulded parts with a high integration level is commercially very important for the zinc die casting industry. Adhesion during the die casting process leads to defects on the surfaces of the parts, reduced tool life time and production stop. In this regard PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) coatings on the tools seem to be interesting to reduce adhesion as well as abrasive wear and to increase tool life time. In the following work the necessary approach for the development of PVD coatings for their use in zinc die casting is presented. Three different Arc Ion Plating PVD coatings – ZrN, CrN and TiN – have been developed and qualified for their applicability in zinc die casting.

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