ISSUE 3/2010

/// 04
Rounaghi, S. A.; Shayesteh, P.; Kiani-Rashid, A. R.
Evolution of graphite phase morphology during graphitization process in hypereutectoid steels

Graphite is one of the main phases in the structure of most cast irons whose shape, morphology and distribution have a significant effect on the mechanical properties of cast irons. In this respect we can mention the improvement in tensile strength and impact strength of ductile iron with spherical graphite in comparison with similar irons such as gray iron with lamellar graphite. In present research, the presence of graphite in the matrix of hypereutectoid steel is studied after performing the graphitization transformation from martensite structure using SEM (Scanning electron microscope) images and EDX (Energy Dispersive X-ray) qualitative analysis. In addition, the effect of casting process and the addition of graphitizing alloying elements on the morphology, size and distribution of graphite during the graphitization process in cast hypereutectoid steels is studied in comparison with commercial ones.

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