ISSUE 4/2010

/// 01
Druschitz, E. A.; Druschitz, A. P.; Foley, R.
Modeling the solidification under pressure casting process for aluminum alloys

Appling isostatic pressure during solidification has been shown to improve the mechanical properties of aluminum alloy castings due to a reduction in the size of porosity. Existing equations appear to adequately describe the effect of pressure on gas pore size but do not describe the effect of pressure on dendrite arm spacing or cooling rate. In this paper, microstructural data (pore size & dendrite arm spacing) and cooling rate data are compared for aluminum alloys solidified under 10 MPa pressure and at atmospheric pressure. The measured differences in microstructure and cooling rate are then compared to the relevant equations available in the literature. The modeling factors needed to account for applied isostatic pressure during solidification are proposed.

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