ISSUE 1/2011

/// 02
Kiani-Rashid, A. R.; Babakhani, A.; Ziaei, S.-M.-R.
A novel process on production of thin wall austempered ductile iron heat-treated in the mold

In this study, the production of thin wall austempered ductile iron, heat treated in the mold and in the presence of Ni and Mo was investigated. The base iron was melted in an induction furnace and treated at 1450 °C by plunging and sandwich methods. Ductile irons were cast in two molds: one was a strip metallic mold with the thickness of 3 mm and another cylindrical mold with diameter of 2.5 cm. After casting, the specimens were austempered at 350 °C for 1 h. Then the microstructures of the specimens were examined by optical microscopy. Results indicated that the ausferrite microstructure can be achieved by the control of the cooling rate within temperature range between 280-400 °C. Austempering time about 1 h resulted in no trace of martensite and the structure was only composed of bainitic-ferrite and high carbon retained austenite.

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