ISSUE 2/2011

/// 01
Saal, P.; Meier, L.
Reduction of residual stresses in forming tools – stress reduction in topology optimized cast parts by well chosen geometric parameters

For dimensioning cast parts according to load distribution, topology optimization is increasingly being applied. For example, in this way an arrangement of the ribs of a forming tool can be found which is mechanically superior to conventional crossed ribs. However, criteria for optimal casting are only integrated to a small extent in existing software packages. In particular, the incidence of thermal residual stresses is barely taken into account, though these can significantly limit the mechanical properties of the optimized component. In a three stage simulation study, it was shown that by varying the correct geometrical parameters it is possible to influence the occurrence of residual stress. It was found that, the designer can manipulate the result most efficiently by varying the rib base thickness and the width of the space between ribs.  

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