ISSUE 2/2011

/// 04
Kiani-Rashid, A. R.; Rounaghi, S. A.; Shayesteh, P.; Zohoor-Karimi, E. V.
Graphitization transformation acceleration in CK45 steel during heat treatment process

The presence of free carbon (graphite) in the microstructure of steels may play an effective role in improving some of their physical and mechanical properties. Researches performed in the field of the production of such steels are insufficient and in most cases there is a special interest in decreasing the graphitization time period. By selecting high applicable steels such as CK45, the present research tries to make the competition in the production of such steels possible in comparison with similar ones in terms of application by decreasing the graphitization time. In this respect, by choosing various heat treatment cycles, the results indicate that the treatment cycles are designed so that the presence of a reasonable percentage of graphite with proper size and good distribution manner in special conditions are produced in two stages; namely the decomposition processes and the isotherm phase transformation.

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