ISSUE 1/2012

/// 01
Starobin, A.; Hirt; T.; Lang, H.; Todte, M.
Core drying simulation and validation

In the manufacture of inorganic sand cores it is necessary to remove any moisture remaining in the core before it can be used. Several techniques are employed to remove the water including heating in an oven, microwave heating and forcing hot, dry air through the core. In all cases, heating of a core can be expensive so there is interest in investigating optimum arrangements for achieving the most efficient means of removing the residual water.
This paper describes a computer model that allows for a realistic simulation of the core drying process. The new model considers porous sand cores of arbitrary shapes with properties such as moisture content, temperature and vapor concentration that vary throughout. A fully non-equilibrium phase-change model is used to compute the evaporation and condensation of water vapor in sand. Compressible gas dynamics describes the flow of the mixture of vapor and air in and around a core.
A description of the model is followed by a validation test using a simple core geometry. Further validation is reported based on tests with a realistic, production grade core.

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