ISSUE 3/2012

/// 02
Hutera, B.; Stypula, B.; Kmita, A.; Bobrowski, A.; Drozynski, D.; Hajos, M.
Effect of metal oxides nanoparticles on the tensile strength properties of foundry moulding sands with water glass

The object of the studies was to determine the effect of an addition of colloidal suspensions of ZnO nanoparticles on the structure and properties of water glass, used as a binder for moulding and core sands. Nanoparticles of ZnO in various alcohols were introduced into water glass and structural changes were determined through analysis of the FT-IR absorption spectra and measurement of the quartz wettability with binder. The binder-sand interaction was verified measuring the tensile strength of loose self-hardening sands with modified binders. It was shown that the suspensions in propanol conferred higher Rmu to the sand compared with the value obtained by sands with methanol suspensions.

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