ISSUE 3/2012

/// 04
Pola, A.; Roberti, R.; Rollez, D.
Evaluation of anisotropic mechanical properties of die-cast zamak 5

Metals with an hexagonal close packing (hpc) lattice are usually characterized by anisotropic mechanical properties, as a consequence of the texture, the deformation mechanism and the critical shear stress. The aim of this paper was to investigate the directional dependency of tensile properties of an hcp alloy, as zamak 5, processed by die-casting. A set of 1.7 mm thick plates was produced with the same process parameters (alloy, die temperature and plunger speed). Tensile tests specimens were water cut from the plates in three different directions, that are parallel, at an angle of 45° and orthogonal to the gate, in order to evaluate the influence of the flow filling direction on the casting performance. The tensile experiments showed an appreciable variation only in the Young modulus.

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