ISSUE 4/2012

/// 02
Ravichandran, S.; Alagumurthi, N.; Palaniradja, K.
Optimization of raw material charge mix in induction furnace for energy conservation in foundry industry

Foundry is an intensive energy consuming sector in India. The current energy crisis warrants the need to explore measures for energy conservation and productivity enhancement of the industry. The review of literature on energy use in the induction furnace indicates energy wastage due to the use of inappropriate equipment, inadequate mechanization, operational delay and low quality raw materials, adversely affecting productivity. With this insight, the present study focuses on the optimization technique for raw material charge mix of bundled steel, loose steel, cleaned and uncleaned scrap as input parameters. The Design of Experiments (DOE) is used to know the individual and combined effect of input parameters. The multi-variate analysis reveals that the optimization of process parameters results in energy saving of 44 kWh/ton and reduction in melting time by 40 minutes/ton.

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