ISSUE 1/2013

/// 04
Mitrović, D.; Strmole, A.; Medved, J.; Mrvar, P. The effect of vibration and cooling rate on eutectoid transformation in spheroidal graphite cast iron

The following paper addresses the influence of vibration and cooling rate on eutectoid transformation in EN-GJS-500-7 spheroidal graphite cast iron, with hardness ranging between 240 HB in thick-walled sections and 170 HB in thin-walled sections of the casting. The castings were poured at Livar d.d. foundry, Ivančna Gorica, Slovenia, with an automatic horizontal green sand molding line and standard casting mode. The eutectoid transformation was investigated using different analytical techniques. Metallographic analysis with optical microscope, differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and hardness measurements over various dimensions of tested specimens were performed and the tensile strength was measured at room temperature. Image analysis was used to evaluate the nodule count, the morphology of the graphite particles and the percentage of microstructural constituents. The chemical composition was determined by flame spectroscopy. The calculations and predictions of solidification, cooling curves and mechanical properties were performed by casting simulation and thermal analysis.

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