ISSUE 2/2013

/// 02
Ambos, E.; Besser, W.; Teuber, S.; Brunke, O.; Neuber, D.; Stuke, I.; Lux, H.
Modern methods for determining the porosity in die cast components using fast computer tomography

Due to the difficulty of the displacement of gases out of the high-pressure die casting mould, the turbulences of the metal flow and the shrinkage appearance of the flowing metal during cooling, there are always pores in high pressure die castings. With various measures, an attempt was made to keep the amount of pores as low as possible or to force these into those casting components in which they do not lead to functional disruptions of the component in use. With the development of fast CT, for the first time, there is the opportunity of testing the highly-stressed and technologically more and more challenging components during the production process for correspondence with the quality requirements.

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