ISSUE 2/2013

/// 04
Krajewski, W. K.; Greer, A. L.; Orava, J.; Krajewski, P. K.; Tyrala, E.
Dimensional stability of the high-aluminium zinc alloys modified with Ti addition

The subject of the paper is dimensional stability of alloys based on the composition Zn-26 mass % Al (Zn-26Al), doped with Cu and/or Ti addition. The structural stability of Zn-Al alloys with high Al content is connected with the stability of the solid solution of zinc in aluminium a', which is the main component of these alloys’ microstructure. This solid solution undergoes phase transformations which are accompanied, among other effects, by changes in dimensions and in strength. The dimensional and structural changes of the Zn-26Al alloy with Cu and/or Ti addition were investigated using dilatometry and X-ray diffraction (XRD). The examinations were carried out during long-term natural ageing after casting, as well as during natural ageing after quenching to achieve a supersaturated solid solution. On the basis of these studies it is noted that adding Ti, apart from structural refinement, allows dimensional stability to be attained in a shorter time.

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