ISSUE 3/2013

/// 02
Maeda, Y.; Murakami, A.
High accuracy mold filling simulation using gas and liquid two-phase flow analysis of MARS method

As for the movement calculation of the interface which consists of molten metal and the air in the mold filling simulation, the VOF (Volume Of Fluid) method is adopted by much software. Since conventional cell volume fraction approaches use the donor-acceptor procedure for the transport of fluid-segments, they cannot transport the interface slope with sufficient accuracy. The MARS (Multi-interface Advection and Reconstruction Solver) method developed by Kunugi has great advantages. It is possible to highly capture accuracy of the interface shape and it has also an accurate estimation of the quantity of advection. The original software TopCAST has used the Porous-Media element. The MARS method is added to TopCAST and applied to simulate the mold filling behavior. It becomes clear that the present simulation is carried out with enough accuracy and functions.

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