ISSUE 4/2008

/// 01
Ramamurthy Mahadevan and Ramaswami Gopal, Chennai, India
Selectively reinforced squeeze cast pistons
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/// 02
Dan Larsson, Guldsmedshyttan/Jönköping, Torsten Sjögren, Jönköping/ Borås and Ingvar L. Svensson, Jönköping, Sweden
Modelling the plastic deformation behaviour of cast irons
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/// 03
Søren Skov-Hansen, Herlev, Denmark, Nick R. Green, Birmingham, England, Niels Skat Tiedje, Lyngby, Denmark
Experimental analysis of flow of ductile cast iron in stream lined gating systems
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/// 04
Volker Metan, Katja Pranke, Tobias Schubert, and Klaus Eigenfeld, Freiberg, Germany
Solidification processes of aluminium cast alloys influenced by magnetic fields
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/// 05
Shuping Wang, Qiang Zhang, Henry Hu, Windsor, Ontario, Canada 
Influence of applied pressures on tensile properties and material densification of squeeze cast Mg-Al-Sr alloy
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