ISSUE 3/2009

/// 01
Markus Ostermeier, Michaela Brummer, Ewald Werner, Munich, Germany
Hot isostatic pressing of magnesium castings
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/// 02
Alexander Rudert, Rüdiger Schwarze, Werner Tilch and Jürgen Bast, Freiberg, Germany
Computational fluid dynamics of the core shooting process
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/// 03
Rafał Cygan, Rzeszów, Poland, Natalia Sobczak, Kraków, Poland, Józef S. Suchy, Kraków, Poland
Interaction: Ceramic mould – metal in nickel superalloy castings
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/// 04
Christian Oberwinkler, Harald Leitner, Wilfried Eichlseder, Leoben, Austria
Estimation of the local porosity of aluminium high-pressure die casting components from casting simulation results using self-organising maps
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/// 05
Edward Fraś and Marcin Górny, Cracow, Poland, Hugo F. López, Milwaukee, WI, USA
Thin wall ductile and austempered iron castings as substitutes for aluminum alloy castings
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