ISSUE 4/2009

/// 01
Schmitz, G. J.; Guntlin, R.; Drevermann, A.
From liquid to solid …
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/// 02
Hansen, P. N.; Flender, E.; Sturm, J. C.
Casting process simulation – from the idea 30 years ago to reality today
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/// 03
Egry, I.; Herlach, D.; Ratke, L.
Properties and solidification of metallic melts under microgravity
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/// 04
Grasser, M.;  Hao, J.; Ishmurzin, A.; Mayer, F.; Wu, M.; Ludwig, A.; Hofmann, U.; Riedle, J.
Macrosegregation prediction for ternary bronze alloys
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/// 05
Grüneberg, C.; Schievenbusch, A.; Aguilar, J.; Oberschelp, C.; Bührig-Polaczek, A.; Schaberger-Zimmermann, E.
Heterogeneous modification of hypoeutectic aluminium-silicon alloys
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