ISSUE 1/2010

/// 01
Gutte, H.; Radtke, M.; Weiss, A.; Scheller, P. R.
Stainless, austenitic, cast steel with a TRIP effect
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/// 02
Fraś, E.; Sikora, J. A.; Górny, M.
Mechanism of the silicon influence on chilling tendency index and chill of ductile iron in thin wall castings
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/// 03
Dugic, I.; Diószegi. A.; Svensson, I. L.
Metal expansion penetration on concave casting – surfaces of grey cast iron cylinder heads
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/// 04
Reuß, M.; Ratke, L.
On the fraction of sand grains bounded in molding materials – a new measurement technique
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/// 05
Cygan, R.; Sobczak, N.; Suchy, J. S.
Thermal and physical properties of nickel superalloys and ceramic molds
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