ISSUE 4/2010

/// 01
Druschitz, E. A.; Druschitz, A. P.; Foley, R.
Modeling the solidification under pressure casting process for aluminum alloys
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/// 02
Kasperovich, G.; Meyer, A.; Ratke, L.
Microsegregation in AlCu4 and the importance of accurate liquid diffusion data
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/// 03
Klančnik, G.; Medved, J.; Mrvar, P.
Investigation of Al-Zn foundry alloys with Sb addition
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/// 04
Wang, Y.; Zhang, L.; Peng, L.; Ding, W.
Study of a permanent mold coating for magnesium alloy
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/// 05
Svidro, J. T.
The effect of sulphur content in chemical bonded sand moulds on the mechanism of penetration
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