ISSUE 2/2011

/// 01
Saal, P.; Meier, L.
Reduction of residual stresses in forming tools – stress reduction in topology optimized cast parts by well chosen geometric parameters
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/// 02
Pabel, T.; Kneißl, C.; Schumacher, P.; Brotzki, J.; Müller, J.
Improved properties of aluminium cast parts through the use of inorganic cores
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/// 03
Kantorík, R.; Bolibruchová, D.
Free melt surface monitoring with the help of metal flow simulation in casting mould
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/// 04
Kiani-Rashid, A. R.; Rounaghi, S. A.; Shayesteh, P.; Zohoor-Karimi, E. V.
Graphitization transformation acceleration in CK45 steel during heat treatment process
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