ISSUE 3/2011

/// 01
Fras, E.; Gorny, M. Mechanism of carbon influence on the chilling tendency and chill of cast iron
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/// 02
Lopez-Galilea, I.; Huth, S. Effect of pressure, temperature and cooling rate on the micro-structural evolution of a single crystal Ni-based superalloy
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/// 03
Eisto, T.; Hölttä, V. Putting value into practice through foundry selection  
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/// 04
Anyalebechi, P. N. Effect of process route on the structure, tensile, and fatigue properties of aluminum alloy automotive steering knuckles
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/// 05
Hilbinger, M.; Köpf, J.; Rübner, M.; Singer, R. F. Computational optimization of plunger movement during slow shot phase in high pressure die casting
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