ISSUE 4/2011

/// 01
Pastirčák, R.; Urgela, D.; Brůna, M.; Influence of various opening materials on the mechanical properties and dilatation of moulding mixtures
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/// 02
Wolf, G.; Stets, W.; Petzschmann, U. Evaluation of the influence of carbide forming elements on microstructure and properties of ferritic ductile iron
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/// 03
Stroppe, H.; Sonsino, C. M. Fatigue life calculation for cast aluminum alloys based on static tensile test values and secondary dendrite arm spacing
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/// 04
Soudier, J.; Fowler, A.; Oldin, J. QD NCC: Quick dry no cement castables: A novel non-cementitious mineral bond permitting flexible installation, rapid heating and reduced thermal shock possibility
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/// 05
Svidro, J. T.; Dioszegi, A. Studying binder decomposition characteristics in resin bonded moulding materials through core gas measurement
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