ISSUE 1/2012

/// 01
Starobin, A.; Hirt; T.; Lang, H.; Todte, M.
Core drying simulation and validation
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/// 02
Druschitz, A.; Littleton, H.; Dunlap, W.; Foley, R.; Schroeder, T.; Reynolds, J.; Harvey, B.
Advantages of pouring compacted graphite iron using the lost foam casting process
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/// 03
Hashemi, B.; Kiani-Rashid, A. R.
The effect of graphite shape on vacuum-free diffusion bonding of ST37 steel and nodular cast iron

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/// 04
Anyalebechi, P. N.
Effects of mold material and casting speed on shell morphology and attendant subsurface microstructure of aluminum alloy 3003
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