ISSUE 2/2012

/// 01
Chiesa F.; Giguère, N.; Duchesne B.; Baril, J.
Measuring mold cavity filling time in Low Pressure Permanent Mold Casting of aluminum A356 parts 
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/// 02
Nwaogu, U. C.; Hansen, K. S.; Tiedje, N. S.
Design and production of a novel sand materials strength testing machine for foundry applications
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/// 03
Tokár, M.; Dúl, J.; Mende, T.
Study of the inhomogeneous parts of thick-wall high pressure die castings by computer image analysis
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/// 04
Ramrattan, S. N.; Makino, H.; Hirata, M.
A study of erosion in aeration green sand molds with various alloys
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