ISSUE 4/2012

/// 01
Gariboldi, E.; Qiang Ge; Lecis, N.; Spigarelli, S.; El Mehtedi, M.
Creep behaviour of deep cryogenic treated AZ91 magnesium alloy
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/// 02
Ravichandran, S.; Alagumurthi, N.; Palaniradja, K.
Optimization of raw material charge mix in induction furnace for energy conservation in foundry industry
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/// 03
Fischer, S. A.; Horvath, L. R.; Showman, R. E.; Skerdi, U.
The evolution of high performance feeding aids to improve casting quality

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/// 04
Pabel, T.; Bozorgi, S.; Kneißl, C.; Faerber, K.; Schumacher, P.
Effect of alloying elements on hot cracking susceptibility of AlSi7MgCu-alloys
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