ISSUE 2/2013

/// 01
Lampic, M.; Walz, M.
Inoculation of cast iron to stimulate graphite crystallization – A scientific analysis of practical solutions
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/// 02
Ambos, E.; Besser, W.; Teuber, S.; Brunke, O.; Neuber, D.; Stuke, I.; Lux, H.
Modern methods for determining the porosity in die cast components using fast computer tomography
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/// 03
Prat, J.; Stötzel, R.; Yilmaz, I.
A new sand additive to control veining and eliminate the need for refractory coatings
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/// 04
Krajewski, W. K.; Greer, A. L.; Orava, J.; Krajewski, P. K.; Tyrala, E.
Dimensional stability of the high-aluminium zinc alloys modified with Ti addition
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