ISSUE 3/2013

/// 01
Akhtar, S.; Shaikh, R. H.; Aune, R. E.; Arnberg, L.
Mechanism of micro porosity in directionally solidified A356 castings doped with anodized plates and sintered aluminium
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/// 02
Maeda, Y.; Murakami, A.
High accuracy mold filling simulation using gas and liquid two-phase flow analysis of MARS method
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/// 03
Fuchs, B.; Körner, C.
Dwell pressure induced compression of lost salt cores in high pressure die casting
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/// 04
Crespo, J.; Requena, G.; Degischer, H. P.; Track, K.; Tolnai, D.
Three-dimensional characterisation of micropores and graphite nodules in ductile cast iron
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