ISSUE 1/2014

/// 01
Perrier, F.; Desrayaud, C.; Bouvier, V.; Duperray, L.; Epale, R.
Response to the article: Effect of process route on the structure, tensile, and fatigue properties of aluminium alloy automotive steering knuckles
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/// 02
Richter, U.; Voronin, E.; Miksche, R.; Tilch, W. Investigations to the behavior of hollow cores shown on a model example – part 1
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/// 03
Röse, J.; Gebauer-Teichmann, A.; Scholtes, B. The effect of conventional mould spraying and micro-spraying on heat transfer and separating layer formation for high pressure die casting processes
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/// 04
Ramrattan, S. N.; Makino, H.; Hirata, M.; Takasu, S.; Miyazaki, H. A rational for determining the benefit of aeration green sands filling
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