ISSUE 2/2014

/// 01
Richter, U.; Voronin, E.; Miksche, R.; Tilch, W. Investigations to the behavior of hollow cores shown on a model example – part 2
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/// 02
Saleem, M.; Malik, S.; Gottschling, J.; Hartmann, D.; Gemming, H. Intelligent process control in foundry manufacturing
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/// 03
Polyakov, S. N.; Korowin, V. M.; Korotschenko, A. J.; Bast, J. Effect of gravity forces and gas saturation of the melt on the porosity in castings
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/// 04
Snelling, D. A.; Kay, R.; Druschitz, A.; Williams, C. B. Mitigating gas defects in castings produced from 3D printed molds
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