ISSUE 3/2014

/// 01
Köpf, J.; Rübner, M.; Klassen, A.; Singer, R. F.; Körner, C.
Thermo-mechanical loads on piezo ceramic modules integrated in high pressure die castings 
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/// 02
Sjögren, T.; Vomacka, P.; Mikulka, V.; Cilecek, J.
Materials performance assessment of precision cast aluminium components with novel strain analysis techniques
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/// 03
Müller, S.; Pries, H.; Dilger, K.
Enhancing the design process of cooling systems for die-casting dies
A significant contribution to quality and lifetime

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/// 04
Thoma, C.; Heid, R.; Burger, J.; Dilger, K.; Volk, W.
Numierical topology optimization of gating systems for high-pressure die casting structural components
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