ISSUE 4/2014

/// 01
Lampic, M.; Koch, F.; Walz, M. A novel scientific approach to vermicular (compacted graphite) cast iron as per DIN EN 16079  Part 1: Definition, history, production, CGI as a “green“ material
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/// 02
Kallien, L.; Weidler, T.; Becker, M. Production of magnesium die castings with hollow structures using gas injection technology in the hot chamber die casting process
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/// 03
Alonso, G.; Stefanescu, D. M.; Suarez, R.; Loizaga, A.; Zarrabeitia, G. Understanding graphite expansion during the eutectic solidification of cast iron through combined Linear Displacement and Thermal Analysis
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/// 04
Druschitz, A. P., Ostrander, M.; Aristizabal, R. The science of intercritically austempered ductile iron (IADI)
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