ISSUE 2/2015

/// 01
Lampic, M.; Koch, F.; Walz, M. A novel scientific approach to vermicular (compacted graphite) cast iron as per DIN EN 16079. Part 3: Energy and destruction
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/// 02
Papis, K. J.; Tunzini, S.; Menk, W. Development of ductile cast iron for high-temperature applications
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/// 03
Bleicher, C.; Wagener, R.; Kaufmann, H.; Melz, T. SiWind – New material for offshore wind energy turbines
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/// 04
Richter, U.; Miksche, R.; Röllig, M.; Maierhofer, C.; Eigenfeld, K. Porosity detection in high pressure die castings. Part 2 – Non-destructive characterization of pores in HPD castings using active thermography: numerical simulation and experimental validation
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