ISSUE 3/2015

/// 01
Di Muoio, G. L; Tiedje, N. S. Evaporation rates of water based foundry coatings on furan bonded sands
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/// 02
Burbach, T.; Dessarzin, P.; Lagemann, J.; Wahlen, A.; Schneeberger, R. The optimization of casting simulation through the determination of temperature dependent heat transfer coefficients
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/// 03
Fehlbier, M.; Schlereth, D. Studies for the construction of structural lightweight components of magnesium for automotive castpart applications
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/// 04
  Pabel, T.; Petkov, T.; da Silva, M.; Ruzsinszki, R.; Planta, X.; Tort, J.; Eskin, D. The effect of ultrasonic degassing on the quality and properties of components produced by low and high pressure die casting  
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